Our children are our future , help us protect there planet

Updated: Sep 28, 2019

From the undeniable and ardent words of Whitney Houston, My mum also used these words in a dissertation for her degree at university. I remember even then thinking how powerful the quote was when she read the piece out to me when I was 9 years old.

Our aim, at Forest Land Crafts is to provide handmade high quality and unique products , While preserving our environment.

In this day an age, we have the power to use our planet to its full potential. Which is why our products are a range of recycled and up-cycled items putting, the beauty and life back into objects that may have seen better days, but like all of us just need a little TLC.

As we all know one person's trash is another persons treasure.

We use reclaimed wood where we can to create beautiful wooden crafts for beauty and practicality. we make the most out of all parts of our materials right down to the saw dust and off-cuts off wood, that are usually thrown into the insinuator.

Our saw dust is turned into Echo firelighters using a blend of Beeswax, herbs and spices to create deliciously scented firelighter such as mulled wine, Pine and bay, Rosemary and sage, and my favorite fennel, lavender and sage.. Just throw them on your log fire, bonfire, or campfire. ( any fire you like really) light the wick and watch the flames glow and flutter while the scents drift around your sences

Our Off-cuts of fabric we turn into decorations, key rings , flowers etc. Our popular ragged garlands and wreaths are a big hit all year round for children's bedrooms . adding a unique decoration to a kitchen or bathroom or an alternative to the conventional Christmas garlands and wreaths. i am always so proud of the finish a beautiful garland that looks fabulous in any space using scraps of material someone has no use for . I have a lovely lady in the local scrap shop who calls me desperate to dispose of bags and bags of material that have been swapped in and know-one ever wants to take them off her hands. Until she met me. I am always so exited to get her call desperate to take the bags of scraps , ends of curtains , bottoms of altered dresses , beautiful colours and textures are right up my street.I love sifting through the bin liners full of stuff she gives me to find hidden treasures that she is so desperate to find a good home for . with a quick wash and chop up can be turned into something beautiful and different that no one else has. every item is different.

Bottles, jars and tins, instead of chucking them in the recycling (unwashed, usually- which we know is not helpful for the recycling process) Friends and family go to the extra effort to save such items for us to turn into to stunning vases , with a little paint and maybe a decoupage pattern with some old wrapping paper I can turn what was a treat for your Friday evening with a takeaway into an ever lasting ornament for the home. I always thinks its funny while i'm sprucing up a wine bottle or old tin of beans that i wonder if the person considered where this might end up when they threw it into there trolley in the super market or made there dinner. These are just a few of our wonderfully creative products, helping to reduce waste to landfill or extra unnecessary work for our dedicated recycling officers. and we will continue to fight the cause while bringing on trend and stunning Home decor to YOU.

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