Nicola Sanders photography

So .. Monday I went to Nic' Sanders photography studio. It's a lovely space at the back of her house . When I showed up I was a but nervous. Although our children go to the same school I didn't know her that well and the only other time I have been on to a photo shoot, I won it at a kids farm, the pictures were average and overpriced. Nicola however - Who has been featured in Vogue, has a stunning and extensive portfolio and takes the pictures for our children's school , which are without out a doubt the best school pictures in town and every body says so - was fabulous, instantly she put me at ease, with her was chilled, relaxed, and friendly personality. She made me a coffee and we had some pastry before we

started. I laughed from the minute I got there to the moment I left but when she was snapping it was no joke she was totally professional and made sure every step of the way I was happy with her work. Which needless to say I was. I felt safe in her hands. at the end of my day my work is my lively hood , they are precious to me and I am very proud of our pieces, Nicola Oooh'd and Awww'd at some of the items which filled me with pride. All in all the day was so much fun, even though we were both technically working I felt like i'd had a morning out with a girlfriend. I have just received the pictures back to upload to the website and I am sooooooper exited to post them to the sight for you all to see.

Stay Tuned for brand new fresh and PROFESSIONAL snaps for Forest Land Crafts .

Here are a few sneaky pictures from the collection. I love the colour enhancement on the Up-cycled table, it really brings the piece of furniture to life and its one of my favorite pieces. It once was a shabby looking children's table that my children used for arts and crafts for years, but now its painted with a decoupaged surface and a few coats of varnish for durability.

Above is a picture of our Echo friendly Beeswax wraps on a floral print 100% cotton fabric.We noticed a few Echo friendly companies stocking these and thought they are right up our street and fit in perfectly with our would be criminal not to jump on the band wagon. As you know we are all about our sustainable products. These are a brilliant replacement for throw away plastics and 100% Biodegradable also if enough people are providing them and making a profit it will encourage more beekeepers to get on board with the supply therefore helping to grow the population of our buzzy little friends . because at the end of the day if they all disappear , we would have no food to wrap !

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