Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower - ALBERT CAMUS

Updated: Sep 29, 2019

Autumn is by far my favorite time of year. Its simply beautiful. The world turns in to an Instagram picture in the blink of an eye. This year is seemed to change so suddenly too, the 31 of August was still summer but somehow over night it changed and on the 1st of September the leaves were turning to stunning shades of red, orange gold and deep deep greens. Have you ever noticed the air seems to change too. it moves from a warm and dry air to a fresh, dewy, fragrant Breeze rustling through the trees with turning crisp. It's the time to start thinking about all those festive celebrations as well, Firstly its my daughters birthday at the beginning of October, I know that's not that exiting for the likes of you guys but she is just as crafty as us ( in many senses of the word) so its always great fun and a great chance for me to practice planing for the kids crafts parties that we will start hosting in January 20.

Children and crafts just fit together perfectly, even for the most uninterested children they usually follow in suit and watching there little minds create something personal to them, is just precious. For Ella's birthday this year we will be hosting a painting party. designing there own flower pots,smile jars and getting messy with some giant paper and using there whole bodies to make patterns and spread colours. ( don't worry all the parents have been pre-informed to not put there children in there best designer party dresses for the day) My partner is making her one of our bare wood custom made dolls houses. Its an empty shell, which on first sight will appear a little boring, but when Ella and I have created the teeny tiny furniture and dolls from scratch and decorated it with scarps of fabric and wallpaper it will be a creation of her very own to play with and design as she wants to and a fabulous opportunity for some quality time for the two of us to spend together, which in this day and age with all of our hectic schedules its priceless.

Halloween- the spooky time of year that celebrates drawing in the lighter evenings and all of those stunning Autumnal colours. I love pumpkins, they are beautiful and so much fun to play with, rather than going with the traditional spooky effect, I like to celebrate the colours by using the vegetable as a vase - that's right a VASE. its really simple. Hollow out the center of the pumpkin in the way you would if your were going to carve in a spooky face . but instead of the spooky effect, soak them in a bowl of water with a tea spoon of bleach. The water helps to retain the moisture, while the small amount of bleach will kill all of those mould making germs, that will turn to decay. This will give your pumpkin vase at least an extra week of life if not more.

Once soaked, dry all of the surfaces , although we want it to absorb the moisture leaving a moist surface will increase the risk of decay and we want our beautiful decoration to last as long as we can .

Then simply pick your favorite bunch of flowers or pot plant - grasses such as sprayed heather to add vibrant colour or or silver Calocephalus brownii or blue Festuca glauca pot plants will give a fun hairy top to your pumpkin and look fabulous and stylish, When we do these they always make me laugh. I think they look like little autumn Minions, also once your pumpkin does finally go soft and squidgy you will still have a beautiful pot plant to keep.

Or choose your favorite bunch of autumn flowers, I really like the bunches with the ornamental cabbages and kale they have a beautiful colouring and really unique, for your decoration. Its a good idea to add some oasis in a small plastic bag to stick the stems into or a small pot to keep your flowers fresh .

but if you still want to add a touch of Halloween the hairy heather and grasses look brilliant with a funny face drawn on the front of the squash or pumpkin vase to keep a little of the fun factor.

speaking of fun keep an eye on our blog for more tips on creative and unique ideas for Halloween coming this month . from bread skeletons to puking pumpkins and a few creative games for your spooktacular (that's right i said it) parties.

Then there is bonfire night . I myself am not a huge fan of Fireworks. I prefer to watch them from a distance preferably my bedroom window. Last year our local rugby club had a brilliant display that we all watched with hot chocolate from my bedroom window in our pyjamas. much more my style !

However a bonfire, I am a big fan of. The beautiful crackling flames, the intense heat against the cold air and that wonderful smell. This year i'm particularly exited to put our Echo fire lighters to use. I have a few practice ones that didn't quite meet the cut. We end of with all the less than perfect bits of stock that didn't quite go to plan t.However our signature

firelighters are made from a blend of Bees wax, Saw dust and herbs and spices from my wonderful aunts thriving garden. So far we have a blend of pine and bay leaf, Mulled wine and rosemary fennel and sage. Making them, my kitchen smelt delicious, we wrap most of them in recycled brown paper , however some people like to view the quality of what they are buying and I must admit the cellophane wrapped effect does look a little more appealing . I am hoping that the paper wrapped variety are a big hit as we really would like to steer away from the use of unnecessary single use plastics.

AND THEN THERE'S CHRISTMAS!!!! This is absolutely without a doubt my most favorite time of year. Anyone who knows me is rolling there eyes to the extreme right now. My best friend text me around a month ago and told me how many days it was until Christmas . with a lot of lol's being the only person in the world who cares when Christmas is in the middle of summer .

But honestly my love of Christmas and crafting decorations and crafts fairs and everything that comes with it is really what started my partner and I on this venture to grow our own business in the first place . Every year we create hampers for our friends and family or I have roped my besties into helping me make baubles, garland,s and wreathes when they had simply popped over for a cup of tea and for years they have all be telling me I should be selling my stuff but with a full time job it seemed impossible, that when my partner and i decided to just go for it. and here we are !

One year my very best friend text me in he morning to see if i was free for breakfast , she showed up 15 minutes later to find me on my living room floor surrounded in branches and cutting from almost every tree in my garden completely covering my living room floor . she walked in and simply said ' what the hell are you doing now' Her partner just laughed and rolled his eye's and plonked himself down at my dining room table. They have come to expect this strange, erratic behavior from me,I like to think they actually look forward to popping over to find what weird and wonderful creations i might be working on .don't tell them I said this, but I also think they also love it when i get them involved. So stay tuned for my extensive range of Christmas decorations on our website and my excessively overexcited blogs through out the festive season :-)

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