How to Make Chalk Board Vases.

So I was left unsupervised with a big tin of Chalkboard paint.

As I wandered around my workspace/living room thinking up ideas. I spotted my last few jars on the top shelf. They were ones I'd particularly saved because I loved their shape but as they are on the smaller side I wondered what they might be used for.

Then I had a light bulb moment, because of their petite and cute size they quite clearly perfect for a little posy of delicate flowers and really. Why not block paint them in the chalkboard paint!

The I love chalkboard paint I would put it on everything if I could

The paint on the glass looks fab it gives a chic matt finish while at the same time allowing you to be able to write on the actual jar front.

You could use them as table number's, Wedding table name places or even use a larger jar to have on your breakfast table and leave your family little notes with fresh flowers in to make them smile......... total genius

So is here is how to make them..............................

Start by selecting your jar's ...

You can use jars you have washed and saved. I hate throwing out Jars. Where I can I purposely buy things in nice jars. I feel like such a diva picking the jam in the prettiest jar! (I wonder if I can count my Groceries as work materials now? " I needed the massive Nutella it was in a great jar )

Of course, you can ask friends and family to donate if you need a large number of jars for a wedding but, of don't forget, you won't have a lot of control of their look, size or shape, therefore, it's best to get more than you need and choose the ones you like best. you can always keep the spares for another project or jam making or donate to a glass bank or craft fair.

My favourite's are the Aldi yoghurts. They come in tiny little glass jars with almost a mini carafe shape. these ones are probably best for table number as they are quite small.

Once you have selected you jars whether its many or just one. you need to prep.

Start by removing any labels or tags the one in this picture is particularly easy to peel away.

However, you may need to soak some slightly more stubborn labels. fill the sink with hot water they can take quite a lot of heat but not completely boiling or the glass may crack, think dishwasher temperature. I also throw in little washing up liquid.

Leave to soak for about an hour then scrape the label off. don't worry about stubborn sticky residue the instruction for that is coming next .. just remove as much as you can to make your next steps easier.

Use white spirit on some cotton wool to remove any leftover sticky residue .. nail varnish remover may also work.

Once you are sure your Glasses are completely clear of any labels or print.

The White spirit is greasy and if it isn't washed off it will make all of the paint peel off.

So you will need to give them another wash with some hot water and washing up liquid to remove it.

Once completely dry you're ready to paint.

I use Rustoleum chalkboard paint. It's the only one I have ever tried and seems to work very well. however, don't hesitate to try other brands.

I start by running a brush around the top of the jar- as you can see this is the 2nd coat on this jar. ( I forgot to take a picture before the first coat)

The brush is better at getting into all of the nooks and crannies.

Apply a thin layer of paint to any dips or ridges that will be difficult to reach with a sponge. Then pop your brush in some water until you need it again so it doesn't dry out

Next, use a sponge to dab colour all over the rest of the jar.

Any old sponge will do, obviously, the cheaper the better and I the sponge I feel makes it easier and quicker to apply. and avoids streaks. it also leaves a very slight bubble effect that adds to the matt effect really well.

Don't worry if after the first coat is dry don't worry if it looks uneven and bubbly it will even out with a few coats

Leave to dry and repeat. After around 2 coats you no longer need to use the brush first just apply with the sponge. you can check whether you need to apply another brushed layer by holding the dry painted jar into the sunlight and looking from the inside of the jar. if there are see-through bits you will need to go over them.

When you feel your finished jar has enough coats I usually apply 3 coats, the paint I use tends to dry fairly quickly. so this process doesn't take too long.

Use DO NOT varnish! This will prevent you from being able to write on the surface with chalk.

Choose a pretty posy of flowers daffodils are just lovely this time of year but can be wild or artificial. (Just don't nick them from your next-door neighbours garden).

It will be fine to put water on the inside of the vase but be particularly careful not to get the outside too wet. I would advise filling only 3/4 of the way up to avoid it overflowing when the flowers are in.

Then write your message, name or table number on the front with a piece of chalk.

To change rub off with a tissue and write a new message

Purchase these in our shop

Voila !!

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