Halloween - I'll take treat please ! alternatives to trick or treating

Halloween! What do we all think of it?

As we know from previous posts Autumn is my favorite time of year, and Halloween just happens to fall in the middle of it. So naturally, it's blessed with beauty and simmering excitement for all the festivities, starting of course with Hallows eve.

In our house we love crafts, so anything we can get crafty with and create, we are all over it. So for that reason we are really into Halloween, but if I'm honest we are so blinded by the excuse to get our creative juices flowing and involve the children we overlook the actual. concept of Halloween. and I am not sure how I feel about it. and how others feel

Is it a good thing to be embracing all things scary and dark?

Now don't get me wrong we do celebrate it. but every year I always wonder how many people enjoy Halloween and how many just want to avoid it and wait for fo it to be over. A couple of years ago when those awful clowns were lurking about it was really quite scary and over Halloween my partner was away at a stag do, my best friend came to stay with us because frankly my anxiety was at maximum capacity just from the sheer thought of it ,Clowns are not funny , Never have been never will be. and whoever said they were should be given 100 hundred lines to write of CLOWNS ARE NOT FUNNY!

I'm personally, not keen on trick or treating. When was younger I had some run in's with big bully's? (insert Awwwww here )

One year, My friends and I dressed as the spice girls being mixed race I was, of course, scary spice it pretty much all I could pull off. so naturally my hair was backcombed and sprayed to the maximum. We were trick or treating in our street. so not far from home. and a group of boys ' Ghost-busters, or so they called themselves' (I call them ******)

threw a firework directly at me and it got stuck in my hair. My brother had to come running to help. from where he was waiting outside the garden of the person we were trick or treating and had to repeatedly slap me in the head to remove the firework. Eventually, it fell out and landed on the floor and we all ran for it and jumped the hedge to escape. This firework exploded on the ground in front of our eye's. A few seconds before it could have been on the top of my head.

Another year the same boy. apparently, he was our resident bully. jumped out from behind a hedge with a knife!!!. ( It was a flick up comb you know those old ones where you press a button and it pops out. )

But, at the time I was young and thought it was a knife on first glance. A passing car had tied to warn us that the boy was hiding behind a fence waiting for us but in out we just waved like ignorant fools at the passing car who was frantically trying to point out that there was a lurker behind the bush.

So understandably for these horrendous reasons (#scaredforlife) I refuse to let my children trick or treat. But we do like to celebrate. So here are some alternative, Safe, Clown free, options.

Let's start with the small ones and work our way up

1) soft play- for the younger ones of course.

Our local soft play has a Halloween event. You have to purchase tickets in advance, but the children get to dress up and run around enjoying climbing and sliding and giant Lego. I've noticed even the older children quite enjoy it.

It's organised well and has different sections for different activities. In the room they usually use for parties they have fun games, the children get to wrap one of the staff members s in toilet roll, and a member of staff dressed up a character, which I notice was usually something generic like a dinosaur=our or brightly coloured monster, not blood dripping Halloween ghoul that will terrify all the children.

Your booking may also includes food and the children and grown up's ( to my delight) There is a disco with dancing competitions

They also imitate a trick or treating street using curtains to cover some of the little coves that are usually open for pretend play. They place a cute little doorbell that sounds a spooky laugh and a staff member behind the curtain pokes out there hand to give the child a treat, This is thought is a fantastic and safe alternative to conventional trick or treating. Have a look around at you local soft play venues, a lot of them do a similar event for pre-purchase tickets.

2) Halloween movie night - The usual favorite is Hocus Pocus or hotel Transylvania which we get out every year - I love it! It's a great excuse for a cosy night in.

Dress up or, purchase some spooky, Onesies snuggle together on the sofa.

Make sure you are prepared for the local trick or treater's to visit with treats. No one wants to be unprepared and get the dreaded trick!

Decorate the living room with spooky decorations and prepare a selection of spooky snacks. Kids really enjoy thinking up ways to put a spooky twist on your ordinary movie night foods.

We carve our pumpkins earlier in the day and place around the room with scented candles, put the fire on, as an addition, we mummify some jars with tissue paper and googly eyes in these we put the battery-operated candles - Tissue+candles=no no-no!

Making Halloween food is so much fun. Last year, for movie night, we made a Green smoothie in a cauldron and scoped it out with a ladle. Ate scary faced pizza's ,and died our popcorn green with food colouring - we use the pop in the microwave as well for extra fun. ( thankfully the children are too young to have seen the film scream. but it spooks me out every time we do it ) then we serve the popcorn in a pumpkin. I put a bowl in the pumpkin first so you don't end up with soggy popcorn.

other spooky treat ideas are;

Scary faced pizza,

Ghost pizza

Marshmallow iced decorated cupcakes

Which hat cupcakes

Rice crispy brains

Spider pizza

Toffee apples

Toasted marshmallow

Apple punch with floating apple goonies

Skeleton gingerbread men

Cheese pumpkin face quesadillas

Jack cookies

Rice crispy eyeballs

Apple monsters

Coffin sandwiches

If you haven't got time to make the food your local supermarket will have a range of treats with there own spooky twist.

but no Halloween is complete without a nacho a Guac' puking pumpkin

3)Halloween dinner Party - Continuing with the idea of Spooktacular food ( that's right! I went there ) A Halloween dinner party is also a brilliant way to celebrate, either just for the people in your household or invite round your friends and family and show off your creative culinary skills, decorate with some spooky decorations - Even dress up if your really into it.

Halloween Menu

Starter - Pea and mint Soup because its green , or a pumpkin recipe are fitting, and it saves wasted after carving your J ack o lanterns and skeleton bread in pumpkin bowls

Main- Spaghetti and eyeballs

Dessert - Spider web cake

Hors d'oeuvres

Deviled eyeballs, mini spider pizzas

punch in a cauldron, virgin for the kids

served on Halloween plates

4) Games night;

Pin the eye on the monster

Pumpkin calving

Ghost bowling

Munchkin throwing games

Trick or treat mystery box

Apple bobbing

Doughnut dangle

5) Party- Invite all of you nearest and dearest round to your house or rent a venue and throw a Fancy dress party, Music food, Decorations.

Throw up a disco ball, Create a killer Spotify playlist and hook it up to to a loud speaker. or hire a DJ if you really mean business .

But if you just fancy getting out of the house and you're not up for an extra workload of a Halloween extravaganza there are usually loads of things going on out and about that you can attend.have a look online for halloween events in your area and i bet you'll find loads.


Our Halloween

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